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Commercial Voice Over Company

Our commercial voice over service is specifically designed for advertising agencies, marketing companies, celebrities, individual entities and etc., who want to reach their specialised niche audience through commercial mediums – TV, Radio, the Internet or anything else that promise enhanced ROI, improved audience participation and increased benefits.

Our voice over service leverages on the skills of our professional voice over artists and a simplistic model that caters to your requirement.

A little about us!

We are Languaza – a Chennai-based media and communication services agency with a rain-bow variety of solutions – such as translation, voiceover, narration etc. We work with our clients to learn their challenges and devise a beneficial strategy that help them mitigate risks, and improve their communication system. The end result is a brand that people know, clients count and stakeholders rely.

One of our services is commercial voiceover – which is provided for clients who need to leverage on the benefits of popular mediums such as TV, Web, Radio etc. The services are designed to help clients identify the best platforms they can work upon to improve brand awareness. Our commercial voiceover and voiceover services are designed to provide you true benefit for your investment.

The commercial voiceover services take into account your core consideration and the process is functionally designed. From cast to record to background music to mixing and thereafter post-production, translation and restoration; we follow a simplistic solution.

Types of services offered

  • Audio voice over
  • Website welcome voiceover
  • TV promo voice over
  • Commercials
  • Films
  • Radio
  • Jingles
  • Promos
  • Animation

So, whatever your requirement be – be it promoting your product/service to a standalone audience or launching a product/reviewing a product’s success by media testing; our voice over service is perfect for you! We hire skilled and professional voice over talents to work for you in native language fluency.

To hear more about our voices write to info@languaza.in

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